“She’s like Lady Gaga meets Eckhart Tolle…” Carol Walter, “The Seattle Times”

Jay Irwin
Jay IrwinJay Irwin writer for Broadway World Review

“The performance’s other great pleasure is watching Simone Bruyere Fraser … Sometimes her dancing enhances Imoru’s narrative or emphasizes an emotion she’s trying to convey. Other times her movements undermine or complicate that narrative.” (Rich Smith, The Stranger)

Rich Smith
Rich SmithRich Smith Writer for "The Stranger"

Press – Ithaca Times – Music Video “Street Vitae”

Louis DiPietro
Louis DiPietroLouis DiPietro, Writer of Arts and Entertainment for "The Ithaca Times"

“It is remarkable to watch Simone fearlessly inhabit a character. She brings boundless ability, energy and sensitivity to her work, all the while being a total team player who can roll with working on the fly. Her generosity extends to everyone on set, and it’s an absolute joy to work with such a pro.” (Esy Casey, Director)

Esy Casey
Esy CaseyDirectorEsy Casey
Kirby Laney
Kirby LaneyKirby Laney , Writer for The Fremocentrist

“She performs it with actor-dancer Simone Bruyere Fraser. Fraser is mostly silent, but in many ways becomes the emotional center of Imoru’s narration…Her companion, Fraser, has one of the most expressive faces I have ever seen in my life! Every little emotion comes through in a counterpart to Imoru’s tales that could not seem as infinitely well done without her”. (Miryam Gordon, Writer for SGN)

Miryam Gordon
Miryam GordonMiryam Gordon, Writer for The Seattle Gay News
Zita Lam
Zita LamZita Lam writer for Seattle Chinese Times
” (She) has tremendous acting and production skills, as well as being an artist with jaw-dropping creativity. I use her for feedback on my novels. Her realistic analysis of my work help has been extraordinarily helpful. (My editor agrees wholeheartedly!) It is obvious that her artistic productivity spans a variety of media.”  
Allen R. Wyler
Allen R. WylerAuthorAllen Wyler
Seattle Refined
Seattle Refined Seattle Refined - Komo Channel 4 News

“I’ve known Simone now for over 10 years from being a lead actress in a feature film I directed to modeling on numerous fashion and fine art photo shoots of mine.  She is the consummate collaborator and an incredible leader by example.  Her wisdom, adaptability and big-picture focus contributed to incredibly successful creative projects in multiple media, while challenging other creatives on set (notwithstanding myself) to expand their artistic boundaries and capabilities.  On top of that, Simone went above and beyond her given roles to advise me of marketing and promotional opportunities for my work.  It is safe to say, she possesses an innate business savvy and is a forward thinker keenly able to blend art and commerce.”

Pete Ambrose
Pete AmbrosePhotographer, Director Pete Ambrose Photography

Press – SGN

Miryam Gordon
Miryam GordonMiryam Gordon Writer for SGN
“Simone is a powerful source of creativity and inspiration for 250 children, many with special needs.  Her compassion and love draws the children into her music, dance, creative drama as well as the biannual productions. Simone is a dynamic individual.  She appears gentle, unruffled by life’s challenges.  Yet, in her calm demeanor she commands great respect from anyone privileged to be her student or co-worker.”
Cheryl Snyder
Cheryl SnyderDirector Alki Kids PlaceAlki Kids Place

Press – West Seattle Blog – Music Video “NutsKracker”

Tracy Record
Tracy RecordWriter for the "West Seattle Blog"

“Simone is an extremely thoughtful and talented artist. She is easy to work with and approaches her work with a combination of dedication and flexibility. She always tries to help others through her art, which  is refreshing. I respect the work she has done with at risk populations. She finds ways to incorporate her art in the community, and finds community through making her art.” 

Valera Vulfson
Valera VulfsonPhotographer/VideographerValphoto

Press – The Ithaca Voice – Music Video “Street Vitae”

Emma Jesch
Emma JeschWriter for "The Ithaca Voice"

“Seattle Urban Academy students are energized to work with Simone! Simone brings her passion for performance and enthusiasm to draw out the diverse talents of our youth. She engages students with professional artists and technicians at the school site and in recording studios to amplify their voice and give a platform for their gifts.”

Sharon Okamoto
Sharon OkamotoExecutive Director and Principal of Seattle Urban AcademySeattle Urban Academy

Ithaca VC – Music Video “Street Vitae”

Zach Shulman
Zach ShulmanDirector of Entrepreneurship at Cornell University

“Simone has amazing talent in pretty much whatever she decides to do. She is not only a wonderful person, but she is amazing to work with. Her creativity, honesty, and strong work ethic shine in her day to day life whether it be coming up with a new project to reach underprivileged youth or writing and starring in a commercial rap jingle to promote our salad restaurant in Seattle. Heck, she could even combine the two one day!”

Desirae Bobov
Desirae BobovOwner of Seattle SaladsSeattle Salads

Shoot on Line – Commercial “Trapped”

Robert Goldrich
Robert GoldrichWriter for "Shoot on Line"

“Alas, we are not monks living on a majestic mountain. Sometimes it’s hard to reconcile a spiritual practice with traffic, subway smells, or that neighbor who doesn’t pick up his dog’s poop. (Simone’s) book is amazing at giving perspective on the “big picture” in little bites that make sense. A quick but hearty read, her book is a great way to keep your spiritual life going in the midst of the urban spectacle most of us call daily life.”

Matthew Epler
Matthew EplerTechnologist of Interactive Media Matthew Epler

West Seattle Blog – Music Video “Lost at Sea”

Tracy Record
Tracy RecordWriter for the "West Seattle Blog"

‘In “Ode,” alongside dancer-collaborator Simone Bruyere Fraser as her kinetic alter-ego/subconscious, Imoru recaptures several harrowing and exultant events from her peripatetic past. The fervent, witty and sometimes gobsmackingly intense memoir is staged by British director John Britton, and it packs a visceral charge.’ (The Seattle Times)

Misha Berson
Misha BersonMisha Berson Writer for The Seattle Times

“I’m asking her to do something way outside conventional acting or dancing.  It requires a special skill and intelligence to tackle that ambiguity, talents that Simone amply brings to her performance.”  – John Britton Ditector

John Britton
John BrittonJohn Britton - Director of Duende School of Ensemble Physical Theatre

Broadway World – Theater Production “ODE”

BWW News Desk
BWW News Desk Broadway World Wide
Chris Angkico
Chris Angkico Chris Angkico Writer for the UW Daily

“Simone’s coaching reminds me to slow down and remember to look at the characters thoughts and inter-workings. How would this character act in this situation and she helps me talk it out how and also comes up with good ideas to make the scene more real. I’ve even booked a role after doing a self tape with her.”

Monika Holm

Actress, Assistant Casting Director to Nike Imoru Casting

Monika Holm
Monika HolmActress, Assistant Casting Director for Nike Imoru Casting

” Her (Simone’s) brilliance, wisdom, and strength have been such an inspiration, inviting me to remember the effortlessness of the creative process.” – Franca Baroni

Franca Baroni
Franca BaroniFranca Baroni - Actress, Author, Lawyer



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